Friday, July 17, 2009

So lets talk about my body.

It keeps shrinking. As in, it shrunk. A ton. And then levelled off. And now it is shrinking yet again. For the record, I went to the gym for like a half hour on wednesday, but that could not possibly account for the 5 pounds that have mysteriously vanished in the last WEEK. Oh wait did I type that wrong? No. That was correct. 5 pounds in one WEEEEEK.

And Dearest Mystery (stress induced?) Illness... If you even THINK about coming back and riddling my body with pain I will sucker punch you in the face.

I have been doing really well for the last month. The doctor thinks I just have some weird condition where my bile ducts spasm when I eat. There is no disease linked to the condition, its just caused sometimes by stress. So I've been taking meds every time I eat to relax my little tummy and that has been working just fine. It has been glorious. I have been eating like a normal person and I even gained a couple pounds back! Until last week, that is.

Dare I even say it? Yes. I dare. I weigh in at a nice robust 150 pounds these days. Normal. Average. I mean I've still got junk in my trunk but I'm not complaining. Its just so weird. That's only 15 pounds over what I weighed when my driver's lisence was issued at the tender age of 16.

In contrast, 150 pounds is definitely 45 pounds less than what I weighed exactly one year ago. AND I AM NOT COMPLAINING. Seriously though. Its strange.

Also, I decided I wear too much makeup. Its summer time for crying out loud. There is no need. That is all.


  1. Kris that is ah-mazing. I am excited for your skinniness, not so much for your bile-duct-spasms or whatever. They don't sound very fun. Or appetizing.

    However, I don't think you wear too much makeup. On the other hand, I also think drag queens are kind of fierce, so take that as you will.