Monday, July 20, 2009

I HEART Christina Aguilera

Okay hear me out. Here's why:

1. She has an amazing voice. She's a tiny little girl. She's only 5'1'' and probably 115 pounds at most, but her voice is huge. Okay ya, so these guys are huge, but she is still super tiny!
I'm going to venture to say that I enjoy listening to Christina Aguilera belt it out over Mariah Carey. She's tied in my mind with Whitney in her prime. That girl has a set of pipes on her.

2. She married the dorkiest looking man ever. I mean come on.

He's super white and has a big nose and huge ears. And she is absolutely gaga over him. Yes. She is a hooch and is very free with her sexuality and can be extremely vulgar. But.. I'm going to go ahead and say there are tons and tons of extremely hot men who would marry her in a heartbeat. She married her husband because she loves him. She couldn't have married him for money, because seriously who makes more money than her? Maybe P. Diddy. I love real love. And I bet they will stay together for a long time if not forever.

3. This song and music video have entertained me endlessly for the last few days. I love it. Just try not to listen to the words very carefully. I couldn't embed the clean version, so just follow the link.

(Disclaimer... she is immodest. She's Christina Aguilera for crying out loud. Also, do not try to read her lips when they edit out the words. kthxbai.)

Okay so how cute is that music video?


I'm in love! I'm in love with Christina Aguilera and I don't care who knows it!

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  1. Girlfriend I love you. Christina is a little hotty and her voice is awesome. Plus she's a genie in a bottle baby. Now you must call me back we have important matters to discuss!!