Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Edumacation Week

Education Week = EFY for old people, minus the T-shirts and cheering, and hopefully minus the dances. Shudder.

During education week, BYU is FLOODED with old ladies and a few old men. This would be okay if it were confined to campus. But no. I went out to lunch yesterday to Zupas, which is my favorite place to eat lunch EVER... and there was a herd of grannies clogging up the line. And every granny was saving a spot in line for 5 of her granny girlfriends, and the tables all had purses and jackets put on them to save their spots. I love old ladies. They are fun. But NOT in quanities large enough to force this poor young man to share a table with 5 geriatric strangers.

The poor little lamb. Those ladies cut in front of me in line. 3 of them. And none of them knew what they wanted. And they kept asking to taste everything, and asking for extra non-fat poppyseed dressing... and on and on and on.
All I ever wanted was a turkey bacon avacado panini.


  1. LOOOOOOOOVE Zupas. Hate Education Week. The streets are flooded with idio... nice people who don't know how to use the crosswalks.

  2. I think what you should really be grateful for is you HAVE a Zupas within BLOCKS of you. Sniff. Do I?!??! NO! It's so many freeway exits I never get to enjoy it. And I remember Education Week last yaer. Shudder... one of those harder memories to reflect on.

  3. soooo glad i am in vegas missing it. but that does not cancel out the fact that i miss you tons and wish i could see your perfect face like right now.

    OLD PEOPLE: your chance for any college experience is over.

  4. sounds like a dream come true for me!