Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I loooove pooping in the shower.

Oh wait. No, no I do not enjoy doing that. But I loooooove coming home from Disneyland and seeing that the new home owners rearranged my room for me.

They were even nice enough to tell me where they hid my bedding.

And I am especially excited to be able to cook my food in the uninstalled oven which is in the living room. After I take it out of the unplugged fridge. Which is also in the living room. Next to my washer and dryer.

But the very best thing of all, is the fact that there are no blinds up in my whooole apartment. So I have to army crawl if I'm not dressed before the sun comes up. Joy. Boundless joy.


  1. That's awesome... if you need a place to crash, poop, cook or whatever you're welcome to come to our place anytime. :)

    P.S. Toilet in the shower is just wrong. Bleh.

  2. That. is. hillarious. I am rolling on the floor in my head. Did you move into a house? Or is that just a really cool apt with a fireplace? Are your roommates new or are you new?

    maren *

  3. Did you tell them that is unacceptable? Because somebody needs to blow that shi wide open.

  4. oh, the shi got blown. Don't worry. I'm being compensated.

  5. I have to say, I was a little bit nervous to read this post after reading the title. But it did not disappoint.