Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh hey Ray J

First of all... why are there so many dirty nasty men in the world?

Second of all..... why do the worst of the worst get their own dating game shows? I saw a clip of one today.

Third of all, what kind of man hooks his potential girlfriends (as if the plural nature of the phrase "potential girlfriends" weren't bad enough) up to a polygraph?

Fourth of all, what exactly is the initial screening process for female contestants? I really don't think there is one. If there were, the girl questioned in the manner below would not have made it on. Hopefully.

One contestant answered "no" to all of the following questions:

"Do you have a current boyfriend?"

"Do you still do drugs?"      (Still?!?)

"Have you ever had a pimp?"       (asked in all seriousness)

She failed the polygraph test. Does it really matter which of those questions she was lying about?


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  1. I am still trying to find an answer to question 1 - cause when I do - I feel we'd be one step closer to solving the true tragedies of the world - like world hunger or cancer.