Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A small ridiculous victory.

"Joel, I am not trying to be a jerk, but I don't add people on facebook unless they really are truly my friend. I'm not sure you remember who I am, but you were extremely rude to me and my friends in high school."

"hahahahahahahaha oh wow... My bad, hopefully one day you'll realize it was JUST high school!"

"Oh believe me I do, but I haven't seen you since then . . . and its not so much for me, I could care less what you said to ME in highschool.. but you picked on people who couldn't defend themselves, people who were shy and awkward. People who didn't have the confidence to tell you to shut up. I gladly did it for them, more than once. Call me crazy, but High school was hard for a lot of people, and you made it 1000 times worse for the least fortunate. Me? I really don't care. I've never been angry at you for anything you've said to me. Its how you treated all the other people you didn't think mattered that formed my opinion of you. Maybe some day that opinion will change. Maybe you're a different person now. But most likely you still don't care. I'm writing this fully expecting you to laugh at it. I forgave you a long time ago, and forgot you because you're right, it was just high school. I haven't seen you since, and i'm not sure why you are still trying to add me."

The moral of this story is... If you try to add me on facebook to bolster your friend count, and you aren't my friend, and I've denied you 3 times... There is probably a reason, and I'm probably going to have to explain myself so that you stop trying. I am not trying to be hard with the keyboard. Facebook is where I keep in touch with my FRIENDS. Not a place for bullies who try to look awesome by having 10,000 'friends'. That is Myspace.


  1. oh and btw, you might be my hero

  2. Oh man I seriously need to copy and paste and insert a different name here and there! Holy Cow! I feel liberated, I hate when people try to add me when we were never really friends ever or even had real comversations. Sweet post Kristin!

  3. And this is why I love Kristin May Booth.