Friday, October 3, 2008

Something that Perturbs Me.

So there are a lot of married girls at BYU. And there are also a lot of semi-awkward returned missionaries at BYU. I have noticed that sometimes guys who aren't quite back in the swing of things socially tend to give most of their attention to non-threatening girls. You know, the ones who they would never plan on dating. Like... their sisters / cousins / married friends. And on occasion (but not all the time) married girls give a lot of their extra attention to non-threatening guys ... like the awkward newly returned missionaries. It bothers me when married girls (and yes I do mean girls, like, the ones who are 19 but have already been married for a year) flirt with awkward returned missionaries and vice versa. I don't know why either party feels like its okay.

Yes, young man, you are awkward and don't know how to approach girls you are interested in. That is no excuse for practicing your flirting with girls who are married. Yes, young lady, you are married and therefore do not spend a lot of time with guys other than your husband. I understand this. However, I really don't think that flirting with awkward guys is the answer. You are married. You are not in high school. So stop it. Both of you. Its driving me BONKERS.

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  1. Strongly agreed! I hate when married people flirt! Disgusting. I hate awkward guys at BYU, you should definitely try UVU, the guys are much more normal in my opinion. Or maybe go to institute there. Yeah this peeves me too.