Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the Radio (OH oh)

I have been listening to the same CD in the car everywhere I go for the last like... 3 months. It is a compilation of some of my favorite hip hop songs of all time to bump in the car, lovingly entitled "The Best Beats". Last week, I gave it away to one of my friends, because she wanted a copy. I just gave her mine and then planned on making another one for myself as soon as I got home. And then my computer crapped out. Actually the charger just crapped out. Frayed wires. You know. No bueno.

So I have been forced to listen to the radio for the last few days whilst commuting between K-town and Provo. "It won't be so bad," I thought. I THOUGHT. I hate radio commercials and having to listen to lame songs I would NEVER put on a cd for myself. And DJs drive me bonkers.


I have made some valuable "observations" from listening to the radio:

Some songs just suck. They are repetitive and should have never been made, and they are usually like, 7 minutes long. Which leads me to my next point:

I miss the good old days when songs were a succinct 2, or possibly 2.5 minutes long. Tops. I like listening to oldies for this reason. I have musical ADD.

Neil Diamond deserves to be thrown into a Mexican prison. Most of his songs fall into the first category. He is not a musician. I have had "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head for the last 3 days. It is one massive noisy assault on my well being. It sounds like the soundtrack from an epic battle between a chain gang and the brass section of a small after school junior high band program. Boo Neil Diamond.

The world of Mp3 players and cd burners has spoiled me. SPOILED me. However, sometimes the radio is the only link I have to the outside musical world, so I need to quit being such a musical snob. Yesterday I was reintroduced to this little gem, which I could have tragically forgotten forever:

Keep on Loving You - REO Speedwagon (circa 1980)

Thank you, Radio.


  1. Did you put the song on your blog? Also, how was your doctor's appointment?

  2. I haven't put it up.. but I should. And I'll let you know tomorrow when the results are in. (drum roll please).

  3. sweeeeeeet caroliiiine

  4. maybe you need to change your radio station... that could be beneficial.

    maren :)

  5. Adam Lambert looks just like Neil Diamond in that picture. Thank you for posting it so I could finally realize that he is Neil's probably illegitimate child who turned to cross-dressing ecause his father was never present. Stop wearing eyeliner Adam.

    And...I'll be back on memorial days so after that we can paper trade all your little heart desires.