Thursday, May 21, 2009

What It Isn't

Yes. I am still sick. And they have run a myriad of tests on me and we still can't quite pin-point it. So we are running more tests next week. I just want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for what we know it is NOT..

In the order that we thought it was:

Pancreatic Cancer (that was just me, for one day)
Pancreatitis (me again, for like 2 weeks)
H. Pylori
Colon Problems
Lymphoma (I know right?)

We have ruled out the above with a lot of blood tests, an ultra-sound, more blood tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, biopsies, more blood tests, an MRI and much web-MDing on my own. Next week I get to have a CT scan (because they did actually find something funny on the MRI. Silly doctors. Always keeping you guessing) and a hida-scan (they are going to put dye into me and then watch my gallbladder try to contract for like an hour. Riveting. I know.)

We are leaning more toward my liver / gallbladder at this point. Which we should have been leaning toward the whole time.

Hopefully, the CT scan will show nothing and the hida-scan will show that my gallbladder sucks and then we can be done with this "House" season finale-esque adventure through my digestional tract.

End scene.

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