Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monsieur Le Pew

Following this short introduction, I will leave you with an official accounting of my experiences with Pepe. Pepe LePew, to be exact, but Pepe for short. That is what I have officially christened the skunk truck. And yes, Pepe is a male.

I don't think anyone would dispute his gender. I am grateful to my parents who are letting me borrow this truck until they feel like they want it back. We have a special new friendship, the truck and I. I overlook Pepe's weaknesses (general skunk-like appearance, loose driver's door that falls partially open if not locked, manual transmission, etc.) and try to focus on his strengths. I mean come on, he has a shell. The possibilities are basically endless.

Official Stats:

Year of Pepe's birth: 1984

Days I have been in possession of the skunk truck: 3

Days of experience driving a stick shift all by myself: 3

Number of successful trips: 3

Feet needed while stopped on a hill: 3

Number of stalls experienced total: 5

Number of stalls experienced on a hill or driveway: 2

Number of stalls experienced with a car waiting behind me: 0

Number of honks received for crappy driving: 1

Number of visible birds flipped at me: 0

Number of approximate non-visible birds flipped: 5

Number of near-collisions as result of me rolling backwards at a stop light on a hill: 1

Average increase in heart rate while driving: 50%

Vehicles or objects struck while driving: 0

Sense of accomplishment felt when I parallel park and walk away unscathed: Immeasurable.


  1. hahaha. I remember when I was at home for the fall and I drove my dad's stick... every time I got in the car I prayed I didn't have to go on a hill and if I did I prayed I wouldn't need to stop!!! You crack me up and I really, REALLY miss you!!!!