Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And I didn't believe him...

So. I drive a hand me down black and white 1984 Mazda pickup truck. I like driving it around town. Its fun. But also, if I reach speeds over 45 MPH it makes me feel like I'm flying through space in a tin can. So, I like to keep things very slow, and very local. As in, between Smith's and my office on campus. Anyway.

Ever since we inherited the Mazda from my grandpa, my dad has always said:

"We should make a hot rod out of it!!"

..... And it always made me question his sanity a little bit, because, well, have you seen the truck?

No? Meet skunky:

Not hot rod material.

So anyway, this morning I was trying to find out via google how big the gas tank was on this bad boy, because I have a sneaking suspicion that the gas gauge shows 3/4 of a tank when really it should read FREAKING EMPTY.

As I was looking for a PDF of an old owners manual, I discovered that people actually DO make hot rods out of yes, the exact same make and model Mazda truck that I drive. This phenomenon can be attributed to the rising popularity of restoring "mini trucks."

Hot rodders basically turn these little automotive pipsqueaks into itty bitty low riders.




  1. you have an office on campus?

  2. Do it! Kristin Booth is in the Hizzouse!

  3. I meant it to be more like... the office on campus I work at. But I abbreviated.