Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happenings as of late.

My ward constructed a giant slip-n-slide at a local park last night. This is what it looked like:
It was all fun and games until we decided a billion people should go down in rapid succession because that would be cool. And it was cool. Until we all accidentally dog piled at the bottom and a rather solid ward member struck me in the rib cage with his rather solid shoulder. I couldn't breathe for a little bit. But now I'm fine.
Also, I like to make my own thai food lately. Its healthy and delicious and super cheap. I don't know why I never thought that I could make it myself until now, but dang gina, I can.

Also, should I start posting the "things that must go" on this blog? Sometimes I update that blog more often than this one. I need to strike a balance. Or everyone just needs to read that one too. Go here for the latest updates on things that must go. Today's special: Ants and ant-like creatures.

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  1. Recipes for Thai food - I want.

    Love you!