Friday, September 17, 2010

I really don't like sharp things.

Seriously. Just thinking about anything that has the ability to pierce or cut me induces a minor panic attack.

I was watching the Bourne Ultimatum tonight on TV, and it's pretty intense. P.S. WHY is Matt Damon so freaking attractive?
Anyway. At one point, Bourne is battling some crazy agent who has most likely gone through the same ridiculous-killer-ability training as he has. It was probably one of the most intense hand to hand combat scenes I have ever seen. AND I kept my eyes open the whole time, UNTILLLLLL......

One of the guys picked up a razor blade.

Automatic eye shield. I just can't handle sharp things. I can't even watch Pirates of the Caribbean without closing my eyes at some points. I just don't like the idea of any thing piercing anyone's skin any time any where. I don't even like carrying knives around the kitchen.


The other day I was cutting up a potato... and somehow the knife slipped and I slapped my abdomen with the blade super hard....And I stood and thought about what had just happened.... and then I almost fainted.

Did it cut me? No. Luckily I was wearing a rather sturdy apron.

You heard it here first: Flirty Aprons saved my life. The apron didn't even snag.

I hate sharp things.

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  1. You have ALWAYS hated sharp things. The Mask of Zorro almost gave you a heart attack.