Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lortab Dreams

The other night I had a dream that I was being chased through a building by someone bad. I don't know who exactly it was that was chasing me, but it wasn't really a nightmare, because I was winning. Every time I turned a corner into a seemingly dead end, there would be a random escape route. Like a door. Or a staircase. Or an air duct. Or a trap door. Or a pole to slide down. Or a ladder to climb. Or a pipe to crawl through. Seriously. One of the trippiest and enjoyable dreams of all time.


I was at a summer camp with my old roommate Michelle, and we were really concerned about being able to shave our legs before we went to the camp cafeteria for lunch. Once we were on our way to eat, in the distance I could see a Moose. Pushing a lawn mower with its nose. Just you know, mowing the woods.


I was at home. And for some reason, a baby cougar and baby wolf kept getting into our house to play with our dog Lady. Which was distressing, because there was a giant scary bear outside skiing down the mountain who really wanted to be reunited with the baby animals. So I took a picture of the baby cougar. But the baby cougar was actually a baby human, dressed in a baby cougar costume. It never actually looked like a baby cougar.


It was suddenly a year later, and my cousin Alex and his wife Kristine had adopted the cougar baby. But the baby hadn't aged. (Mysterious.)

And then I woke up. And I remember thinking to myself, "I really need to blog about that dream. Mostly just the part about the moose mowing the lawn in the woods."

But aren't you glad I included all those other parts?

I blame my vivid dream on the fact that I have been taking lortab to get to sleep. So that I don't wake up on top of my arm in the middle of the night and say a painful curse word.


  1. HhaHAHhahhHAhahAHahHAHHahhahahahahhahahahHAhahAHhaHAHAHhaahhahahahahahaha

    i'm dying

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA I am seriously crying right now. I love this.

  3. hahahaha I agree with your pretty sisters. That is so freaking funny. I just told my roommates, I love it when the Booth girls blog. Then I started laughing and ya know when I laugh so hard I forget to breathe? Ya... I did that... and almost passed out due to lack of oxygen.. but don't worry. I am alive and crying!!!