Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Goals for 2011

1. Be a nicer person.

The other day (seriously, this JUST dawned on me) I realized that I don't have to like someone to treat them just as kindly as I treat my friends. In fact, I shouldn't have to like someone to be nice to them. By treating others less favorably than I treat my favorite people, it would be a reflection not of that person's level of likeability, but rather a reflection of my lack of tolerance and understanding. Drat.

2. Act like a lady.

I do have the ability to be a classy lady, but sometimes I just need a little reminding. My specific lady-like goals are: to make sure my nails are always painted, wear earrings every day, and refrain from using curse words. Even funny ones.

3. Do things that are hard.

Another recent (but less recent) realization I've had about the purpose of life is that we are supposed to do hard things. Umm....What?! We weren't born to sit back and watch youtube and eat bon bons all day? That is rough, but think about it. Our bodies and minds are actually designed to do hard things. If we force ourselves to do crappy-hard physical activity, our bodies have the infinite capacity to become stronger. Our brains are designed to learn and and retrieve and remember and categorize new information... as much information as we can possibly dream about stuffing in there. And stuffing things into your brain is hard. And I don't think anyone has ever really really maxed out their brain capacity. Double drats.

4. Feel awesome in a bathing suit.

Whatever that entails. I'm not going for a certain size, I'm just looking to get my body into a shape that would make me proud to prance around in a swimsuit. I have spent too many summers ever so carefully moving as to not disturb my thighs into the thunderous jiggles they are prone to exhibit. No more. There will be joyous and jiggle-free prancing this year.

5. Graduate from college.

It's totally happening people. To-tal-ly. It's not just a goal, its a promise. A PROMISE. Kind of a threat. But more.


  1. I like those goals. I would also like to keep my nails painted everyday. (How is that going for you?) Maybe we should communicate via person instead of blog :) yes please

  2. I love these. Especially doing things that are hard. Sometimes I think I should like be exempt from anything hard or something. So amen on that one sister.
    And I love the idea of just "feeling awesome" in a swimsuit. That's the whole point anyways, right? Who cares how much the scale says or what size you are, YOU should just feel good about where you're at.
    You're so good at wording stuff. I love you. This is a long comment. Sorry! :)

  3. I agree with the wording stuff. You have pretty much put into words what I have been thinking about for years and haven't been able to communicate. I also love that you are able to tell people your goals, I am too introverted to let people know what I'm thinking... I think I just found a goal. :)
    congrats on Colleeeege. miss your face!

  4. I like number three. Why don't more people get that? We weren't made to sit around playing video games all day long, or to spend nearly a decade going to "college" to achieve nothing more than an associate's degree, or to waitress for the rest of our lives, or...well...I just have a lot of frustration with the people I've surrounded myself with here and their inabilities to set and meet life goals. I'm glad you get this.