Friday, August 5, 2011

So what happened to July?

What happened to July?? Oh I'll tell you.

  • July 5th-8th: Booth Family Boating Extravanganza minus the boat and plus drama.
  • I bought a car.
  • I started running every other day. And I have only missed one day.
  • I lost 1% of my total body fat. I have a fancy scale...
  • I have been researching/starting the application process for my winter internship.
  • I have been slowly gathering school supplies.
  • I saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.2
  • I went through all my clothes and D.I.-ed a HUGE garbage bag full.
  • I organized my laundry situation.
  • I started doing yoga again with a vengeance.
  • Work work work work work work.
And much much more.

I've been too exhuasted to blog.

The end.

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