Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Question or Three.

1. Why does Pleasant Grove smell like a broccoli tainted fart?

Really. I would like to know.

2. And furthermore, has it always smelled that way or is this a recent (like in the last 10 years) development?

Because it has always smelled horrendous to me since the beginning of time.

3. And lastly, if it HAS always smelled like a broccoli fart, why would they name it "Pleasant" Grove. Are they trying to trick us? Because my nose cannot be fooled.


  1. Oh my gosh. seriously its the worst. Poor Jon works right in the heart of the broccoli fart. He works for Logoworks. Have you ever seen their billboards? They have an old man holding his nose and asking "got a stinky logo?" We are convinced their advertising is based on their location. The stinky logo is veeerrrry stinky. Yuck.

  2. It is extremely stinky. But the good thing about it is that if you're keeping a fart in and you just gotta let it out, THAT is the place to let yourself go. Then you can definitely blame it on Pleasant Grove. And I'm pretty sure it smells that way because of Utah Lake + dump close by + wind direction from the lake towards the mountains. It's disgusting.