Thursday, December 11, 2008

I will give 1 million monopoly dollars....

To anyone who can identify this flower. They grow in front of my apartment and they have crazy purple spikes and I just want to know what the freak they are. I have been trying to find out online and it is just not working and then I just had a dream that they were called something crazy... so i googled that. And my dream failed me. I just need to know. I don't know why. That is all.


  1. Please tell me what you dreamed they were called. Kbye.

  2. This is Aunt Teri,
    They are Columbines. Are they still blooming now?

  3. My Mom is all about gardening, here's what she thinks:

    Columbine (Latin name Aquilegia ... a perennial). A hybrid type of some kind. Maybe the McKana's Giant strain or some of the shorter, regular flowered types.

    P.S. You should come over some time, we're lonely up here.

  4. You guys just made my life complete. I took that picture like 6 months ago and have just been wondering and wondering! I wish they were still blooming. They are currently in a coma, and under a few inches of snow.