Monday, December 8, 2008

okay okay.. what I LIKED about twilight

I loved the baseball scene... and victoria was pretty scary. Edward wasn't as repulsive.. nay, he was even kind of good looking by the end of the movie. I loved Emmet and Rosalie. I absolutely adored Alice, she was precisely how I had envisioned her in the book. I think I am just so anti-twilight-movie because I had such a perfect picture of what everything was supposed to look like and no one could ever live up to that ideal. So I'm sorry my words are so harsh. This post is mostly for Cassinita. I'm glad our friendship transcends Twilight movie opinions.


  1. Wasn't the baseball scene so fun! It's coolness made up for the cheezy uniforms.

  2. Haha. I love you Kristin. And yes I also loved Rosalie, I'm always rooting for the curvier girls!