Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wuggs, and Christmas Cheer

I have had this internal turmoil about Uggs for quite some time. First of all, I think they are the most hideous form of winter fashion footwear on the planet. Second of all, they cost 5 cotrillion dolars. Third of all, they are trendy. And by trendy I mean that a ton of people have them, but did they really want them for the shoe that they are? Or did they buy them because everyone else jumping off the bridge was wearing them?

But, my favorite winter boots wore out last spring, so I have just been sloshing around in the snow in flats. And I really, really hate having snow in my shoes. And I LOATHE getting the bottoms of my pant legs wet with salty dirty snow water. Usually I would just roll up my jeans. But then there's the whole snow on my skin thing.
So, I went to WalMart last night to pick up some things. You know. And I got out of my car and jumped right on into a pile of dirty parking lot slush. Bleegh. I hated that. Anyway. As I was moseying along in wally world I passed the shoe department, and they had fake uggs for $12.

I could not resist. My feet were cold, my pants were wet, and they were $12 for crying out loud.

But don't you worry your pretty little head, I will remember to wear pants with them. Not skirts, and not just shirts, but pants.

I do not and will not wear them as a fashion statement. I still love me some flats. So I devised a diabolical plan. I will wear my Wuggs (WalMart uggs) when the weather requires it, and then trade them for my flats as soon as I know I won't be stepping in any more snow that day. I'm sure once school starts I'll just be trudging around in them in the slush, but for now, they are purely for function and I am trying to stay away from wearing them with say, slacks.

Anyway. So I left WalMart and loaded my groceries into my car. I went to return my cart (because I think its just rude to leave it blowin in the breeze in the middle of the parking lot) and the cart return closest to me was a complete mess. People couldn't push their carts all the way into it because there was like 4 inches of frozen snow on the ground. So they proceeded to stack them out further and further into the parking lot. And then they started to curve the carts around to the side, and completely blocked in this mini van.
This would not do. I have this occasional OCD tendency to straighten things that are not my business to straighten. But I felt bad for the mini van. Maybe it's because A Christmas Carol has been playing on like every channel all week, but I just imagined some kind of tiny tim coming out to their mini van and being trapped because they couldn't move the frozen carts all by themself.

So. Because I am a freak, I reorganized like all 20-ish carts and shoved them into the snow laden cart return and re-stacked them, freeing the mini van from WalMart cart bondage. Some girl I don't even know came and helped me. And we didn't really say anything except "Ya. people don't do this right" and then she said Merry Christmas and we went to our respective vehicles.


  1. I feel ya. I'm not a big fan of uggs, but they sure do look warm on horribly snowy days, I saw the ones at Walmart and almost got some, but was trying to find some gloshes and got a little distracted, needless to say I didn't buy them and have been kicking myself since. So way to go.

  2. I love me my uggs. They are ugly. I own the boots, flip flops (yes, they are furry flip flops) and mocassins, I generally wear them from October to April. And I love them, ugly or not.

  3. Is that cart return sign real? Because I almost peed laughing.