Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up in the Gym just workin on my fitness..

So, I went to the gym tonight for the first time in approximately 2 months. I loved every second of it. I haven't felt this good physically or mentally for a while. Yogi Yogi Yogi Gold's Gym!

Also, why is Britney Spears taking over MTV? I swear her reality show is ALWAYS on... And for the few minutes of it I've actually watched, it appears to be lame enough to melt your brain. Britney. You're still crazy. Yep. I said it. Get off my TV screen.

And, I don't know why I suck so much at writing blogs lately. Sorry. Nothing super interesting has happened that I feel like sharing with the world. But here is one more tid-bit:

Lately I am the incredible shrinking woman! It's crazy.


  1. leave brittney aloooooooonnneeeeeeeeeee. (wailing sob)

  2. Yay for you & the gym. And boo on Britney.

  3. I agree. You don't know Brittney! Lol But I sure loved seeing you!!!! Come back to the gym!!! :)