Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Musical Injustice

So, I decided to download Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" from iTunes the other day. I love that song and for whatever reason it's not in my current iTunes library. So I searched for it in the iTunes store, but there were so many versions (vastly inferior, I'm sure) of the song that I was having trouble finding the one I wanted. So. I decided to sort the results by popularity. Surely, Aretha Franklin's recording would be number 1. What I then beheld shook me to my very core:

Um. Excuse me? Do my eyes deceive me? Carole King?!

Don't get me wrong. Carole's got it goin on in a very 1970s white-girl way, but this is a travesty.  Carole helped write this song for Aretha Franklin. It was written with Aretha's voice in mind. Carole didn't even record her version until Aretha's had already been out for years. People OBVIOUSLY do not understand that Aretha's way is the only way. I feel sorry for them. They don't know what they're missing.

Until you have experienced the joy of singing along with Aretha's "version" of this song (the only version there ever SHOULD have been...) in the shower or on the freeway or whilst doing the dishes, you do not know what it means to truly live. You just don't.

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