Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stale Blogger

I'm in the computer lab in the SWKT. It smells like a stale washing machine down here and it's making me want to yak.

I'm kind of crappy at blogging lately. No seriously. It's been like a 6 month slump of not-funnies and not-interestings. Maybe I should just throw in the the towel for my personal blog and focus on things I hate on my other blog?

Anyway. Go here and view a short documentary of our family's glorious trip to bear lake two weekends ago. Brittany is a better blogger than me at this point... maybe I should stop trying to compete. But seriously guys. Cows.

The whole reason I'm in the computer lab is to study for my freaking midterm that ends today, which happens to be the second of 4 midterms I have to take by Saturday. Bring it, you academic biotch of a semester. I really actually love school right now. Speaking of biotches, I had shingles last week. I fully intend on blogging about it in all its age-inappropriate glory.

This blog needs a picture... soooo....

Sorry. This came up after searching "omg why" ..... and I searched that because I couldn't find a funny picture. K BYE.

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