Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holly Hall!

OKay, so maybe one of my BFFs got married yesterday and it was really, really cute. I just love seeing my best friends so happy. For anyone who knows Holly Pouslen... she is now Holly Hall. I know right? Perfect holly-like name. It was great to get together with all the girlfriends at the temple and meet her hubby and see her family. Her reception was adorable. And maybe I caught the bouquet?? Ya, I did. Here are some pictures. And when I say some, what I mean is that they are going to take over the page so don't be overwhelmed. They are in a crazy order. If you want to see alllllll of them. They are on facebook. Woop woop!


  1. Holy cow... I know a girl named Holly Hall too!! :)

    And congrats on catching the bouquet!!

  2. I am so bummed I missed the reception! I had a fam emergency come up, but I so wanted to be there. Holly looks like an angel!

  3. Cute pictures! Holly was a gorgeous bride! You look cute! I love the one of you "waiting for your prince charming to come around" love it.