Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dude. Wipe the tears off your guitar before you ruin it you big baby.

Taylor Swift and I have a love/hate relationship. "Teardrops On My Guitar" and other such ridiculously junior high-esque emo songs drive me absolutely bonkers. HOWEVER. I do enjoy me some rowdy break up songs. I don't know why. I had heard "Picture to Burn" on the radio previously, but had never really listened to the words until like, yesterday. And it was awesome.

Anyway. I don't know why I love songs about women being irrational in a rageoholic way. They just make me laugh. Here are a few tender lyrical morsels from Ms. Swift:
... So go and tell your friends
Tha I’m obsessive and crazy,
That’s fine, I’ll tell mine
You’re gay,
And by the way,
I hate that stupid old pickup truck,
You never let me drive
You’re a redneck, heartbreaker
Who’s really bad at lyin'
So watch me strike a match
On all my wasted time
As far as I’m concerned,
You’re just another picture to burn.
There’s no time for tears
I’m just sitting here planning my revenge
There’s nothing stopping me
From going out with all of your best friends
And if you come around saying’ sorry to me
My daddy’s going to show you how sorry you’ll be

And if you’re missing me
You better keep it to yourself
‘Cause coming back around here
Would be bad for your health...

Also, another good rowdy break up song (for all of you who are interested) is "Breaking Dishes" by Rihana. Rihanna? I don't know. Here's a glimpse at her deeply poetic and sociopathic side:
. . . I ain't trippin, I ain't twisted,
I ain't demented, well, just a 'lil bit.
I'm kicking (butts),
I'm taking names.. I'm all a flame,
Don't come home babe.
I'm breaking dishes up in here all night.
I ain't goin to stop until I see police lights
I'ma fight a man tonight, I'ma fight a man tonight
I'ma fight a man, a man, a ma ha ha ha hann.
I'm still waiting, come through the door.
I'm killing time, you know, bleaching your clothes.
I'm roasting marshmallows on the fire,
and what I'm burning, uh,
is your attire. . .

Honestly. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a psycho, and I would never do any of these things to an ex boyfriend (or anyone) ever. But they just make me so happy. I think that was probably a contradiction. Kthxbye.

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  1. Ha ha love it. Jon absolutely freaks out when her Teardrops song comes on the radio and even after I have changed it he is still likely to be complaining about how terrible the song is...