Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Computers. Don't step on them.

So this one time... one of my roommates stepped on my computer. Like smack dab in the middle of it. None of them ever owned up to it, and its kind of embarrassing, but I usually don't even notice. However, sometimes... like when I'm in the library.. people look at my lap top and then look at me with a weird face. And then I remember. To them... it looks like I probably stepped on my own computer.
Hmmm can't see it? Lemme help you out.

Ya. Awesome. No wait I meant Lame. Its too small to be my foot. I measured. I pretty much know who it was. But it was like a year ago and I've let by gones be by gones. But I think its comical in a slightly angering way.


  1. hahahaha, for some random reason, your illustration reminds me of people who are trying to identify bigfoot's footprint.

    I've been watching too much monsterquest.

  2. Ha dude - that foot drawing is awesome. Must really be slow at work ;)