Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I haven't been super awesome at enduring my trials very well lately... SO... I've kind of dropped the ball school-wise. I've been preparing for the fallout, you know... suspension, expulsion, all things that are very real consequences right now. I've even researched careers I would enjoy that don't require a BA. And the choices are few and far between. Anyway. Now that I've collected myself emotionally for the most part I've decided to just keep trying my hardest not to fail my classes this semester. Today I found out... that my English teacher doesn't penalize anyone for late work. AWESOME! So I can basically still get a really good grade in his class. He is the bomb. AND his name is Bruce Wayne Jorgensen. For real. Bruce Wayne. And he was born before batman even happened. He is an OB. Original Batman.

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