Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was a go-go girl for halloween. What is a go go girl without a huge tumor beehive of hair?

So, this is the classic "oh my gosh i'm adorable let me take a picture of my self in the mirror with my phone" picture. I cropped out the rest of my shower curtain, because it made the picture too busy. Yes. Busier than my dress. Which was $4.99. Don't be jealous.

This is Jessica and I, making the cutest faces imaginable. I'm not sure why we didn't opt for a "just in case" second shot. We should have.

Here is the group picture. Yes. It is off center. But in the other group picture my eyes are closed. So deal with it. I did not know 75% of these people before that night. Back row: Kyle, Emmy, me, Jessica. Front row: A bunch of girls wearing black that I still really don't know. Plus Craig.


  1. OOh, you do look adorable, and modest. I heart and excuse to dress up anytime, I didn't go anywhere, but still I wore fake eyelashes.

  2. We look so hot. that it hurts me.