Monday, November 10, 2008

Quote of the Day

I heart old people. The cutest old man wearing a golf hat came in to the Independent Study office today to turn in an assignment. He saw that my name tag said "student supervisor" and he was thrilled and went on to talk about how at a corporate level he always hired women because they were "just the best employees" ... and then he talked about how most corporations only hire men, and then on that note he started talking smack on Bill Gates (maybe he only hires men?) and he goes:

"Bah... Bill Gates....I knew Bill Gates back when he worked for TRW. He was a monkey and I told him so several times. One day I just walked into his office and said, 'Bill... take a shower!' "

And then he giggled and left. SO I did some research on this guy, and apparently he is 74 and he really DID work with Bill Gates and he's probably a billionaire. I just love him. He's always way funny and talkative when he comes in to the office.


  1. yay! i am glad we are bloggy-buddies because i like to read your stories. old men are the shiz.

  2. Hilarious. I wonder who the old man was..

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA. I love old funny men.