Monday, July 7, 2008

Best Movie Moments Ever

So, my family (minus dad) always talks about their favorite mushy movies scenes, and how we should burn them all together and make one huge mushy dvd full of the cute heart warming tear jerking chick flick scenes we all love. I recently saw "sydney white" for the first time, and besides LOVING IT, I found a new favorite mushy scene. And it inspired me to post a collection of my favorite chick flick moments ever. Booth girls, and girlfriends, (and steve?) enjoy!

My Newest favorite movie moment, even though its backward for some reason:

and this is one of my all time favorites: gilbert blithe is so attractive:

My Best Friend's Wedding:

And oh, one of THE BEST:

Blurry, but you get the idea.

Oh Heath Ledger... you lady killer:

Please ignore the language dubbing. Its weird:

Oh you know... serendipity-dipity-ity?....

Romeo + Juliet: Kind of a montage, and no words (lame) but its the only clip I could find NOT in spanish...

Pride and Prejudice... Yay!

I really wish James McAvoy would have rescued me from a couple dates... "becoming Jane" style...

Oh ya... and this one. P&P is the bomb.

And This list wouldnt be complete without Never Been Kissed... but i can't find a good freaking clip. I'll have to find one and update this.

That is enough for now. Who needs boyfriends.


  1. I LUFF DIS. It is so ooshy gooshy in the best ways. PS James MCavoy has a new movie. I want to see it. Mostly just to look at him.

  2. which one? "wanted" is rated R. But I want to look at him too.

  3. i luff.. i luff..i luff.. heath ledger.