Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Minty Goodness

Yes, Rebecca, I am shamefully stealing your blog idea. I started to write a huuuge comment on your toothpaste blog, and then decided that was annoying. So I'm making it a blog of my own. At least now everyone will be annoyed.

I heart Crest Clean Mint toothpaste with extra whitening. I carry a tube with me wherever I take my toothbrush, because I would rather die than use any other kind. Okay that would be ridiculous for me to say. But I would rather go without brushing than use any other toothpaste. And THAT would make everyone else want to die.
Its just a precious commodity for me. Its super duper minty and leaves your mouth feeling sooo so clean! I got a little miffed on our family vacation to the grand canyon because I suspected everyone was jealous of my toothpaste, and my fears were not unfounded. Everyone used up the very last of my precious tube.

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  1. Did you ever recieve my lenghty voicemail I left for you concerning a possible eternal companion? I'm a little upset that I have no yet recieved a lenghty voicemail in return, or a visit, I miss you!