Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spicy Mole??

So, there's this sign on the front of the Del Taco building, and we were driving past it one day...

Michelle: "Ew? Spicy Mole??? Who wants to eat that?"

Me: "Its probably pronounced 'mo-ley' like guacamole..."

But its just more fun to say spicy mole. So, after we drove past Del Taco we went into McDonald's and the guy working at the cash register had a giant nasty hairy mole on his neck. The hair was like 2 inches long, and it was pointing upward!!
He had a spicy mole. That is our new term for hairy moles. And it makes me want to vomit every time.


  1. Sick, I couldn't even look at him when we were ordering.... sick... spicy mole!!!!

  2. haha, so I haven't read your blog in like..a week, and I've missed so much.I love your sense of humor. P.S. I never had a list either, and if I did the one and only number would be (#1 obviously...hahah) but to love the Lord more than he loves me, but really love me a lot. I think that sums up all the YW lists, and really if you have that in a relationship I honestly believe you can work anything out.

  3. HAaaahaaaa! That is so mean and gross but so perfect too.. I love when stuff like that happens. p.s. I hope you girls threw up your food afterward.