Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yes yes, I say extremely awkward things.

So. There's this guy in my ward. And he has an almost fiance, and he is always missing in action for ward functions. So tonight at ward prayer, this guy was there. And so, we had our ward prayer and ward spotlight and the "service chicken". The service chicken is a rubber chicken we pass around the ward and whoever has the chicken that week has to do some extra service and then share it at ward prayer. Weird. We also have a missionary egg to the same effect. I don't know what the obsession with poultry is. Anyway. Back to the awkward.

After everyone started wandering back to the apartment in charge of providing treats, the people behind me were having a heart to heart, and then Mr. Always Missing from church functions said aloud:

"Ya, so I dumped her on Tuesday!"

Me: "What?" as I whirled around, obviously eavesdropping.

Guy: Blank Stare.

Me: Realizing that Guy and I had never really talked to eachother. I only heard stories of his fiance from his roommates.

Guy: "What?"

Me Again: "Oh what? Nevermind." as I turned around and continued toward the treats.

Awkward. Party of fifteen. It was awesome.


  1. Another awkward Kristin moment:
    (At the ward party on Saturday)

    Kristin: Michelle, I think your boyfriend has a girlfriend.

    Me: Ya.. I just saw that.

    Me (again): Kristin, when you say things like that you should probably say them quieter. Ya know...

    Kristin: (In a whisper) Oh... sorry!!

    Yep... and the winner for Queen of Awkward goes to.... Kristin May Booth!!!!!!

  2. 1) Man your ward is captain awkward pants...
    2) I do this all the time...
    3) I am quite happy that your blog plays one of the best songs upon entry... love it!

  3. haha, this is funny! I do this all the time... I'm such an eavesdropper. If they say something funny, I'll start laughing (I don't really have a quiet laugh) and then I have to pretend it's something that my husband said or something that I saw... But then Ben is confused why I'm laughing about whatever it was he was talking about...

  4. I love that story. Come back to work someday.