Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Adore My Occupation

Oh man. Can I just say, that I adore working at the Independent study office. I always have. BUT. Lately, I have been sitting at the front receiving area a ton. Its great, because I get to help people face to face instead of only over the phone. And when I say face to face I mean my face to an attractive man taking a test's face. In the last couple days I have met a lot of extremely good looking guys who have come in to take their Independent Study tests. I mean, there are always cute guys coming in and out, but for the last couple of days its been more than just "okay here's your test its 100 questions closed book closed note turn off your cell phone no calculator allowed use a pencil if you don't have one you can borrow one... and you can use scratch paper or you can just write on your test." That's normally the sort of blurb that I go over with the students, and the test taking experience is usually void of all other verbal pleasantry. Basically they want to take their test, get it graded, and get out of the office.

So, its always a pleasant surprise when a guy comes in to take a test, and makes it a point to talk to me beyond the necessary test taking process. Its also fun when they talk to me, instead of either of the other two cute girls who often sit at the front desk with me. I can't help it. I love all the girls I work with, but I do not hate being singled out by outgoing, funny, attractive men. In the last three work days there have been three guys that have repeatedly come in and talked to me, and it has made my day every day. I'll let you know if I marry any of them.