Thursday, July 10, 2008


Okay, I do not like MTV. That may have been a lie. I do not RESPECT it though. Ya, its good for mind numbing idle entertainment, and sometimes they have great shows... like... America's Best Dance Crew! But mostly the MTV time filler shows are just garbage.

I was home sick today, and was seriously bored out of my cabasa and Law and Order wasn't on ...

(any one else think Stabler is dreamy??) So I turned to MTV and let all my constructive thoughts slip away. I was watching NEXT, you know.. the show where one dater has a choice of 5 different dates, but only one at a time. SO if they don't like the first girl to walk off the NEXT bus, they say "NEXT!" in a super annoying tone and the rejected date has to walk back to the bus to tell the next girl its her turn.

Anyway... during this episode I watched, only one out of the 5 girls were typical MTV skinny. The rest were actually normal sized girls and I was impressed. They had some meat on their bones and were not a size 2. They weren't obese either. They were just normal, every day sized girls for once. Yay!

My inner celebration of normalcy was short lived though. The jerk man who was the main dater instantly nexted two of the girls after only looking at them. They were barely off the bus before he sent them back. And these girls were gorgeous! By the third girl, he made her change into a spandex body suit and do an obstacle course. She didn't finish fast enough, so he nexted her after one minute. The next girl came out, again normal sized, and she didn't even get to do the obstacle course before he nexted her. She changed into the body suit, and he looked at her from head to toe, and screamed "NEXT!" in her face.

Now, there are only 5 girls total, and this guy burned through the first four in the first 5 minutes of the show. So the last candidate showed up, and she was super duper skinny, but super duper annoying. It didn't even matter. He gladly went on the date with her. The guy kept trying to make small talk, and he was way lame. So, the girl tried to salvage the conversation and asked him what kind of girls he liked. Because so far, he didn't like any of the gorgeous girls on the bus.

He then said "I like small girls"

How small?

"Really small. Like 4'11'' and 90 pounds."

He then pointed out that the girl on the date with him didn't fit those perameters either, and he nexted her too. Yep. He nexted all 5 girls for not being "small" enough for him.

I seriously want to punch this guy's lights out. I'm sorry, but most women aren't 4'11'' and 90 pounds. It sounds like he wants to date a 10 year old instead. Which makes him a pedophile. I swear, does it creep anyone else out when bigger guys date teensy tiny girls? I mean, I get it. Everyone has different physical preferences, but when guys want to date girls they can carry like a baby with one arm it just gives me the quillies. Please pronounce that "kwill-ease".

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  1. I HATE NEXT! It is one of the dumbest (and most scripted) reality/dating shows in the known universe.

    And when I read what you wrote about that lame-o's size preferences, my first thought was 'pedophile', too.

    Also, maybe he needs to date fetuses so he can feel 'big' and manly.

    If you know what I mean.