Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The List

Most single girls have a list. You know. The list. The list your Young Women's leader made you write every time there was a lesson on eternal marriage. The list I'm sometimes ashamed to write down unless someone makes it an assignment, because that would just make me feel like a silly idealistic girl. Writing the list by myself, imagining what life will be like when I find a guy matching every major point on my list...Why don't I just put my hair in curlers and watch a chick flick in my bunny slippers while I'm at it?

Then, when someone finally convinces to make a list on the spot, I kind of freeze. Do I really mean what I'm writing? Am I writing these qualities down because i can't help but see the laurel next to me sprawling them in huge letters all over her page in pink doodly writing whilst dotting her i's with hearts? Are they Sunday School answers or are they things I really truly have thought through?

I have never really made a full honest to goodness list worth keeping around. I don't have one tucked away somewhere in my scriptures or journal. Maybe I'm so lame at dating because I'm not looking. I don't even know what I'm looking for, so of course I'm not finding it.

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