Monday, March 9, 2009

I I I IIIIIII'm ... Feelinn Gooood.

Picture that title being sung by Michael Buble... and you will experience exactly how I feel. I just feel good right now. I went to the temple this morning (pssst... monday mornings at the Provo baptistry are extremely awesome and quiet and perfect and unbusy.) I would keep it a secret but then I would feel selfish. The Temple is the bomb.

Anyway. I have been a Debbie downer for like...I don't know.. 3 days? But I am just feeling good right now. So I'm blogging about it. I don't know what else to say really I just want to announce to the world that life is awesome. The End.


  1. ohh yay skinny kristin is happy once more. share some of that happy pie with me.

  2. Yay for awesome life! I'm puking my guts out. You just remind me that I desperately need to go to the temple. Alex goes every week.. I haven't been for a few months. Something about throwing up during a session just feels wrong to me. Maybe it's being the center of attention. I dunno...