Monday, March 16, 2009

Meandering thoughts I have wanted to say out loud lately...

But there is never someone next to me to hear them. So I will send these thoughts into the blogosphere instead:

1. I will never be able to say this with absolute certainty, but I'm pretty sure my fridge smells just like Jeffrey Dahmer's.

2. It doesn't matter how grown up a guy looks or how mature he claims to be if he ACTS precisely like a teenage boy.

3. Lies come in all shapes and sizes, not just in the form of words.

4. You know how most people lose things when their room is a mess? Well I cleaned mine a couple days ago and now I can't find anything. I'm concerned about the red nail polish that WAS lying the the exact center of my floor.

5. Don't give up Mr. Right for Mr. Right now.... because Mr. Right Now may think you are Ms. Right, and Mr. Right might pass you by while you are wasting Mr. Right Now's time and possibly breaking his heart while you're at it.

6. Growing up is a process. It takes time. But I wish some people had a "fast forward" button.

7. Look! My skinny jeans are loose! (This one actually requires someone to be next to me.)