Friday, March 13, 2009

I See... a BAD Moon Risin'

I think I have heard the question "What is this world coming to?" uttered in the last 3 or 4 months more than I have heard it in the last 21 years of my life combined. It seems like the world is deteriorating at a seriously exponential pace. The HBO scandal really made me stop and take a good look at the world around me, and I'm honestly shocked at what the world has ALREADY come to. It's going down the toilet, and Satan's hand is on the flusher.

Do you remember the shootings at Columbine High School? I'm sure you do. What unfolded that day is burned into my memory forever. I was in the 6th grade, and it was the top story on the news for months. Next month will mark the 10 year anniversary of that shooting.

What do I see on the news reel of my homepage every other week at least? Shootings. School shootings, church shootings, college shootings, mall shootings, even Christmas party shootings. Seriously almost every day there is some new massacre and no one even bats an eye. Maybe it shows up on the news that night, maybe it doesn't. The shock and awe is gone. We have become so desensitized to brutal mindless slaughter that its almost as if we just accept it as a calculated risk we have to take every day. Seriously think about it. Go look at the top news stories for the next couple of days or weeks. The world is going straight down the crapper. THE CRAPPER I TELL YOU!

The U.S. has been at war for almost 10 years. Has anyone else noticed this? I know freedom isn't free. I'm not an anti-war activist. I'm just saying. We are still at war. It feels like a perpetual conflict that will never be resolved. It's like that one pesky piece of toilet paper that just swirls around and never goes away no matter how many times you flush. Which is worse? The U.S. actually going down the toilet... or just bobbing around in a clockwise motion?

Big Love. As upset as I was when the show debuted, I eventually accepted it. I resent the fact that it is giving a huge amount of people the wrong idea about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because we don't practice polygamy. From what I've heard, the story suggests that the characters are indeed "Mormon" and makes no attempt to differentiate at all. This is probably one of Satan's favorite tricks. One of my religion professors refers to it as The Law of Counterfeits. I had never heard of it so I don't know how common the term is, but it is a real occurrence. For every true and correct law or principle there is a similar but incorrect copy cat, usually propagated by Satan to confuse even righteous people from finding the truth. For example: Baptism. There are so many accepted methods of baptism in the world that it would be easy for anyone to get the wrong idea about what it is and why it is needed. So thank you Satan, first of all, for confusing everyone about our church you dirty nasty non-man.

When I first heard the rumors that Big Love would be broadcasting mock temple ceremonies, I was completely appalled. Then, I was relieved because rumors started flying that it was a false alarm. THEN. HBO confirmed their heinous plans. The concept of Big Love is atrocious enough, but exploiting something that our church holds so sacred is a big giant oh no you di-ent no no. It seriously has put me at a loss for words almost every time someone brings it up. For anyone who has ever been within a 50 foot radius of me, you know that compelling me to silence is no small feat, especially regarding something I feel so passionate about. I just never thought I'd see the day one of our holiest ordinances would be so carelessly and disrespectfully shown to a broad, uninformed audience as a form of entertainment.

So, what is the world coming to? My friends, it is already there.

Satan, go ahead and keep on flushing gleefully. One of these days that drain is going to be cleared by fire, and it will not be such a happy day for you.

I will be relieved when that day finally comes for the sake of my family, friends, future family and humanity. I'm patiently waiting for the moon to turn to blood... but I think it already has.


  1. i see a baddd moooon risin!

    here here! huzzah!

  2. That is something that I love about our Church - that the second coming is going to be freaking awesome if we are living right. The worst part is just waiting for it. I know what you mean, sistah.