Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah, spring in Provo.

I am not a dog. Do not whistle at me.

I am not hard of hearing. Do not "holler'' at me.

I am not disrupting the normal flow of traffic. Do not honk at me.

Can't a girl walk to the bus stop these days without being acoustically accosted? It reminds me of walking home from Centerville Jr. High in Fremont. Only now I don't have any homies around to cuss them out for me in Spanish. OR English. What do they expect me to do in response? Because they will not get a darn thing in return. No smile. No eye contact. I will just keep on walking. I ain't no hollaback girl. I'm allergic to idiots and honk happy A-holes. Sorry.


  1. I think that zero eye contact isn't the answer. Stare at them whilst thinking about stinky cheese; your face will teach them a lesson. This is tried-and-true.

  2. i love you guys... I have only been whistled at once or twice... it was horrible. Oh, it was with Michelle.

    i am sooo excited to come to school with you!!

    Love Maren :)